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okay. this is live journal. what a wonderful piece of equipment. if only i knew how it work'd and whats really going on within these posts. is live journal safe? is any journal safe? i have this idea in my head that live journal is an outlet for artists to let their work be known. whether its completed or not. I guess you have the option to pass, glance, or even focus. As of late my focus, is focus. Where the attention is going, and where i'd like it to go. Magnify. I don't know if i'll post here again. Hope everybody from SFR and the East Bay are doing par and above.

harley stevenson

its not likely this will be long, understood. my vices recently flourished which left me one spicy chicken burrito an el carbon burrito and one ultimate taco. the cherry coke tailed beside the pack. wednesday morning is here and all is somber. imagine a snowed in christmas day. love to the death bowl. this ones for my dear friend v-luv.

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so hey, i haven't posted in live journal in a buncha months. heres a whatsup to everybody out there. i finnaly moved out of my house down to huntington beach. things are different but in a good way. thats all for now. peace out people.
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school is marginal. could be doing more math hw. still with every class i signed up for, the way it should be.

i have grasp on the inner self. not letting go.

taking a short break from producing demo. taking some time to build up record collection and work on programming skills. i feel this is a good move.

going to the east coast on friday.

record label going as planned. big ups aaron for maximum effort.

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